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Time-management, 2021-2022


Semester 2, 2021-2022

Type of course

Methodological and Practical Courses


May 19 and May 20, 2022




2 days

Maximum number of participants



1 EC will be appointed for participation in the complete course


Anjana Ahnfeldt (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)

Content, learning goals, and preparation
Many doctoral students experience time-related demands, such as time pressure or interruptions at work. Keywords such as acceleration, e-mail flood, balance between teaching and writing the doctoral thesis or the blurring of work and leisure time bring the topic of time into focus. Thus, doctoral students rightly ask themselves how they can deal with such time-related demands. How do they set themselves realistic goals? How do they weigh up priorities? How can schedules be set up to motivate start working and to decrease procrastination? The improvement of personal time management is one possible answer.We cannot manage time. But we can manage ourselves within the context of time!

Learning goals:
1) Becoming aware of the antecedents of time management: one’s personality, attitude toward time management, social norms, and perceived behavioral control.
2) Setting smart goals for the next PhD project(s).
3) Developing milestones plan to keep the plan and achieve the goal.
4) Learning how to set priorities correctly.
5) Learning how to set up realistic plans and how daily planning can foster motivation.
6) Collecting time-related problems doctoral students must cope with and finding helpful strategies to overcome these problems.
7) Becoming aware of the power of monitoring and rewarding.

→ Improving self-efficacy and increase the intention to use time management.

The course is online and will consist of 2 sessions (9.00-13.30).