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IP track Research Group Meeting


Semester 1, 2021-2022

Type of course

Research Group Meetings


November 9, 2021


Online - Zoom


1 day

Maximum number of participants



0.5 EC will be appointed for participation in the complete course


Niels van Doesum (UL), Francesca Righetti (VU)

November 9, 2021
3 hours (13:00 to 16:00) + online borrel till 17:00


Content, learning goals, preparation:

In the first hour we will have a guest speaker, Namkje Koudenburg who will present some theoretical and empirical work. 
Title of her talk: How subtle conversational dynamics that serve relationships may reinforce sexist norms.

In the next two hours PhD students will the possibility to share their work in progress and receive feedback from peers. The students who want to receive feedback on their work and ideas should prepare a short presentation and some specific questions about what they need feedback for. 

The other students then will discuss these questions, brainstorm and provide feedback to the presenting student.

Literature: not applicable.