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KLI Alumni Seminar 1 - Jessie Koen and Mariëlle Stel


Semester 1, 2021-2022

Type of course



November 17, 2021




1 day

Maximum number of participants



0.5 EC will be appointed for participation in the complete course


Jessie Koen (UvA) and Mariëlle Stel (UT)

Have you already thought about what you want to do after you obtain your PhD degree? Would you like to continue in academia or are you thinking about leaving academia? 
On the 17th of November, from 12.00 till 13.00h, Dr. Jessie Koen and Dr. Mariëlle Stel will talk about this topic and will share their personal experiences with us. Jessie currently works as an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, but will leave academia at the end of this year. Marielle works as an associate professor at the University of Twente. 

In case you would like to join the first KLI Alumni Seminar, could you please fill in this short survey? 
( This will enable the speakers to prepare an interesting presentation and answer as many questions as possible. 

The organizers of the KLI Alumni Seminars 2021-2022 are Karin Kee (VU) and Haiyan Wang (VU).